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Barack Oblogger: Barack Obama Never Attended a "Madrassa"

Barack Oblogger: Barack Obama Never Attended a "Madrassa"

Barack Obama's Tax Cut for the Middle Class and Seniors

Obama to Fight for Tax Fairness for Middle Class
Algona, IA | December 16, 2007

Algona, IA - At a town hall meeting at Algona High School, U.S. Senator Barack Obama today discussed his bold and innovative plan to cut taxes for working Americans. By standing up to the special interests and fighting for working Americans' interests, Senator Obama will cut taxes for those who need it most: middle-class families and seniors. Obama's plan will also restore fairness to the tax code.

"I'm in this race to take those tax breaks away from companies that are moving jobs overseas and put them in the pockets of hard working Americans who deserve it, and I'm the only candidate in this race to introduce a middle-class tax cut that will give 95% of working Americans a break," Senator Obama said. "We don't need any more tax breaks for the wealthiest corporations who didn't need them and didn't ask for them - it's time to give a break to working folks so that we put the American Dream within the reach of every American once more. That's why I'm running for President."

Obama's plan would provide relief and support for our middle class and honor seniors, such Mary Paige of Cedar Rapids, by eliminating federal income taxes for those making less than $50,000 a year. Ms. Paige, participated in a roundtable discussion with Senator Obama on Friday at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. Under Obama's plan, Ms. Paige would no longer pay federal income taxes.

Senator Obama's tax-fairness plan also includes a new "Making Work Pay" tax credit of up to $1,000 for America's working families, creates a new universal mortgage interest credit that will benefit low and middle-income homeowners, simplifies tax filings so millions of Americans can do their taxes in less than 5 minutes, eliminates special interest loopholes and tax breaks and cracks down on international tax havens.

Obama would pay for his tax reform plan by closing corporate loopholes, cracking down on international tax havens, closing the carried interest loophole, and increasing the dividends and capital gains rate for the top bracket.

The plan can be viewed in full HERE.

Barack Would Hire Hillary

Hey, no hard feelings...Barack would give Hillary a job under his administration.

Barack Oblogger: Blacks Shifting to Obama

Barack Oblogger: Blacks Shifting to Obama

Jack and Jill Politics: Is Hillary Clinton trying to 'Willie Horton' Barack Obama?

Jack and Jill Politics: Is Hillary Clinton trying to 'Willie Horton' Barack Obama?

Iowa's Susan Klopfer Switches From Clinton To Obama - Video

Iowa's Susan Klopfer, a former Clinton precinct captain talks about why she's now caucusing for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Wins Backing Of NH's Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes - Both NH House Representatives

Shea-Porter to back Obama

Senior Political Reporter
Monday, Dec. 10, 2007

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has decided to endorse Barack Obama for President, has learned.

The freshman 1st District congresswoman had been considering staying neutral in the primary, but has now decided to get involved.

Obama, who has been gaining on Hillary Clinton in recent New Hampshire polls, won the endorsement of the state's other member of Congress, 2nd District Rep. Paul Hodes, in July.

Shea-Porter defeated former U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley in the November 2006 general election after upsetting Democratic former state Rep. James Craig in the September party primary.

Word of the pending Shea-Porter endorsement comes a day after Obama appeared with television star Oprah Winfrey at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

Her backing may be a plus for Obama especially among women, who have strongly favored Clinton so far in the New Hampshire Democratic primary race, according to polls.

Jack and Jill Politics: Hillary Clinton Comes out AGAINST Retroactivity for Drug Sentencing

Jack and Jill Politics: Hillary Clinton Comes out AGAINST Retroactivity for Drug Sentencing Article has some strong language, it's a charged issue. Many prestigious think-tanks and policy wonks have long since decided that the double-standard in crack vs. powder cocaine prison sentences results in racial discrimination. Most Democrats, including Hillary, agree the sentences should be the same for both forms of cocaine, but Obama will make the changes in sentencing retroactive, Hillary will not. Reason? Hillary worries it will make her too unpopular in the general election. Stop laughing, I'm serious! So tell me, if a law is unfairly punishing a huge portion of the population and everyone agrees it must be changed, why let 20,000 sentenced under the old unfair law rot away in prison? Hillary says: to win the election. 'Nuff said. No, wait, one more thing needs to be said: Obama stands with the law, stands with justice, stands with equality, in the face of an unpopular idea with law-and-order voters, because it is just, because it is right, because it is fair. Who do you want as your President in 2008? Vote in the Primary in your state, caucus if that's your state's thing - just do it! Obama, for change you can believe in.