Senator Barack Obama Leads In YouTube Subscribers By Over Three Times Clinton

According to Viralroots , Senator Barack Obama leads all 2008 Presidential Candidates in YouTube subscribers, towering over Democratic challengers Senator Hillary Clinton and John Edwards and gaining more than Ron Paul by a 2 to 1 margin.

Here's the breakdown:

Barack Obama: 3.4 Million Channel Views and 8500 Subscribers
Ron Paul: 1.2 Million Channel Views and 18,500 Subscribers
Hillary Clinton: 724,000 Channel views and 4400 Subscribers
Mitt Romney: 660,000 Channel views and 2300 Subscribers
John Edwards: 570,000 Channel views and 3200 Subscribers
John McCain: 440,000 Channel views and 1400 Subscribers
Dennis Kucinich: 420,000 Channel views and 2000 Subscribers
Rudy Giuliani: 103,000 Channel views and 1600 Subscribers

Obama Donations: 140,000 New Donors This Quarter!

This is the email I received from David Plouffe, Campaign Manager, Obama for America:


If you can help hit the goal of 350,000 donations by June 30th, it will send a powerful message that our movement is both bigger and deeper than anything presidential politics has ever seen.

Be inspired and be counted:

I have some extraordinary news for you.

We crunched the numbers last night, and because we hit our goal so quickly -- 10,000 people have already donated to the campaign this week -- things have changed.

Suddenly, we're within reach of something no presidential campaign has ever dreamed of at this stage.

With your support, we could reach 350,000 donations for the year by the June 30th filing deadline.

You're one of almost 250,000 people who have made nearly 350,000 donations so far, and it's your generosity that has made this historic opportunity possible.

Now we have a chance to seize the moment and make history.

The media and the Washington pundits are so focused on the money chase that they have missed the bigger story. Each donation to this campaign is a declaration of commitment to the idea that we can change our politics and elect a leader who will inspire and unite this country.

If you can help hit the goal of 350,000 donations by June 30th, it will send a powerful message that our movement is both bigger and deeper than anything presidential politics has ever seen.

The count is live on, and your donation can make that number grow right now. Show your commitment and be counted before the June 30th deadline:

This campaign has become a vehicle for hundreds of thousands of Americans who believe that the people can take control of the political process again.

Who are the nearly 250,000 people to give so far? Watch some of them in their own words:

Gregory Smith came to the U.S. from
Jamaica in 1976. His family was reunited
in New York City where he is living
the American dream.

Lauren Dula is originally from North East
Pennsylvania. Her father is a truck
driver and her mother is a secretary,
and she and her brother are the first generation
in their family to go to college.

Barbara Rubin is a Boca Raton, Florida
resident who suffers from multiple sclerosis.
Three years ago, due to her condition,
she was forced to retire from her job.
We are one movement owned by nearly 250,000 people like them, not Washington lobbyists or political action committees.

While the professional pundits are busy handicapping a big-money horse race, we have a more important goal: getting more people involved and owning a piece of this campaign.

We've grown by almost 140,000 new donors this quarter, and in the next three days we can set an unprecedented record -- but only if you donate now.

The state of the presidential race has the potential to shift dramatically in the next 72 hours. Please make sure you are counted during this final push:

There are some who have denied that a movement like ours is possible, but the reality is clear.

Individual people with purpose, passion and the will to make a small sacrifice can build a movement unlike anything presidential politics has ever seen. And we're only just getting started.

Let's make history together on June 30th.

Thank you,

David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Senator Barack Obama - Plan To Bring Troops Home From Iraq - Video

This video shows Senator Barack Obama's speech calling for the U.S. to withraw troops from Iraq.

Senator Barack Obama Takes Over the Take Back America Conference - Dave Swanson

This glowing review of Senator Obama's speech before the "Take Back America" Conference underscores the massive support Senator Obama receives for his candidacy. The article's by Dave Swanson of

David Swanson
June 20, 2007
Obama got a packed house and huge applause before saying anything about what he would do as president. For a while it was all about the influence of lobbyists in Washington, the tragedy of Katrina, the tragedy of Iraq, the need for a politics of the people, the need for hope and optimism. All opposition to the way things are, and the need for something vaguely better.

All feel good. And a lot of people clearly felt good in the room. A lot of people shouted "all right!" "you said it!"

But what did he say? He talked about what he did in Illinois. He talked about how bad things are. He said he believes in hope. But what would he do if he were president? For a while, Obama gave us no idea, other than hope, which he said is the cause he will work for every single day as president.

Finally, Obama got to some substance. He said he wants to bring together businesses and unions and insurance companies to solve our health care crisis. He promoted his "universal health care plan that covers every American." But his plan does not cover every American, and as long as it includes the insurance companies, how much hope can there be for it?

Then Obama said he would launch a campaign to recruit thousands of new teachers and pay them higher salaries.

On energy, Obama said he would require companies to meet standards or pay others too. (Richardson earlier today said that that makes you a conservationist the same way paying someone to go to church makes you religious.)

Obama said he would index the minimum wage to the cost of living.

He said he would invest in infrastructure.

He said he'd work to give jobs to ex-felons.

He said he would support the right to unionize and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Each point earned loud applause, and the big one was still to come.

Obama said he wants to end the occupation of Iraq, and that he opposed it before it started. (Someone in the room shouted "Don't fund it!". Obama ignored her.) Obama said he wants to start bringing troops home now, not a year from now, not a month from now, but now. His bill, he says, would bring all "combat troops" home by 2008. We are 16 votes away from ending this war in the Senate, he said, advocating pressuring Republicans, ignoring the fact that Democrats have the votes to fillibuster it, and never addressing the question of when he would finish bringing ALL troops home.

Obama said he wants to work with the world on climate change and AIDS and WMDs and global poverty. He wants to close Guantanamo and restore the right to Habeas Corpus. He wants no detentions without charge or torture, and no more disasters like what was done to New Orleans after Katrina.

Then Obama told the story of the march across the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and the signing by President Johnson of the Voting Rights Act. They marched for me, Obama said.

And he went back into talk of hope, justice, and turning the page. And the applause was thunderous.

Was June 17th USA Today / Gallup Poll Rigged??

In the post over at Zennie's Zeitegeist, I present evidence that the USA Today / Gallup Poll of June 17th and which showed Senator Hillary Clinton with a lead over Senator Barack Obama, whereas last week the poll -- the same poll -- showed a tied race, was rigged.

Check here -- Zennie's Zeitgeist -- to check it out.

Harris Poll: Senator Obama Just 4 Points Behind Clinton

This shows that Barack Obama gains ground on Hillary Clinton as more Americans learn about him.

Barack Obama Narrows the Gap and Closes in on Hillary Clinton

Al Gore and John Edwards Still a Long Way Behind Them

While 13 points separated Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama just one month ago in the race for the Democratic nomination for President, the gap between them has narrowed considerably to just four points. Just over one-third (36%) of adults who would vote in a Democratic primary or caucus would vote for Senator Clinton, while 32 percent would vote for Senator Obama. Last month, 40 percent would vote for Senator Clinton and 27 percent said they would vote for Senator Obama.

Of the next closest potential candidates, only one is an actual candidate. However, both are very far behind the two front-runners. Al Gore is next in preference as 14 percent would vote for him, followed by 12 percent who would vote for John Edwards. The other six candidates and potential candidates are all even further behind with only Governor Bill Richardson above one percent – he is at three percent. The Democratic primary race is clearly a two person race at this point in time.

These are some of the results of a Harris Poll of 3,304 U.S. adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive® between June 1 and 12, 2007. This survey included 1,196 adults who expect to vote in a Democratic primary or caucus and like all polls conducted well before an election, it should not be read as a prediction. Rather, it is a snap shot of the presidential "horse race", at a very early stage in the race. A previous column reviewed the data on the Republican candidates.

Before being asked to pick their first choice in the primary elections, the adults surveyed were also shown a list of all the main candidates in both parties and some other well-known Republicans and Democrats, and asked which of them they would consider voting for. They could name as many people, in both parties, as they wished.

Among Democrats, more people say they would consider voting for Hillary Clinton (70%) than for Barack Obama (57%). However, Obama edges Clinton among Independents (by 38% to 33%). Among the next tier of candidates, half of Democrats (49%) would consider Al Gore, while 43 percent of Democrats would consider John Edwards.

Overall Democratic Leaders Continue to be Preferred over Republicans

When the replies of all adults are taken together, 67 percent would consider voting for one of the Democrats and 59 percent would consider voting for one of the Republican leaders. While almost all Democrats (96%) and Republicans (92%) would consider one of the leaders from their own party, the Independents are pretty equally divided. Two thirds (68%) of Independents would consider one of the Democratic leaders while 60 percent would consider one of the Republican leaders.

East Bay For Obama - The Video - Oakland | Berkeley

"East Bay For Obama" is but one of hundreds if not thousands of groups working in support of Barack Obama for President and form the backbone of the groundswell of Americans behind his candidacy.

This video is designed to convey the message that it is indeed "in the way that you use it" and that East Bay For Obama's got a good formula. To join the group, just go to

Here's the video:

South Central LA - Barack Obama Walk For Change A Success

Over at the main Barack Obama site, Sam Graham-Felsen has a blog post on the South Central Walk for Change, complete with photos. Check it out with a click here.

Obama Girl: Leah Kauffman Has Crush On Barack Obama

Introducing Leah Kaufmann ! Leah Kaufmann's a model and singer listed in Casting 123 and is 5.8'', 123 pounds, Caucasian and with a massive crush on Senator Barack Obama. A crush so big she has a blog devoted to it called "Obama Girl", and this music video:

She's gotten a lot of mileage out of this and especially by wearing those Obama Girl shorts, but it also may be the spark of a new round of fundraising!!

Republican Support For Senator Barack Obama

I just got this email I have to share from a member of a Pasadena Barack Obama group.:

From: Bryan Bowen []
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 4:49 PM
To: Pasadena and Altadena for Obama
Subject: [PasadenaandAltadenaforObama] Obama in Pasadena '07

So I took my 12-year-old daughter Danae to the doctor this morning to have her cast removed following a skateboard accident three weeks ago. I'm wearing my 'Obama Is America' shirt that each of us who volunteered at last night's tremendously successful fund-raiser received.

The doctor said he has been extremely impressed by the campaign that Sen. Obama has run so far and would certainly have attended last night's event had he known about it. The shirt gave me an opportunity to talk about some of Barack's accomplishments and share my feelings about why he is the right president for our country. We agreed on many issues, I obtained his phone number and Email address and will stay in touch with him. He is considering throwing all his support behind our efforts to bring the Obama Administration to the White House next year.

By the way, did a mention the doctor is a Republican?

Bryan B.

Senator Barack Obama's YouTube Video Draws Over 200,000 Views In One Day

Senator Barack Obama's YouTube video has drawn over 200,000 views today alone, after it was posted earlier this week. The video encourages Americans to use the digital media system to tell their stories. Here's the video:

Senator Barack Obama's SF Event At Ruby Sky A Success - Over 1,000 Attendees

(Photos by Dana Santa Cruz)

Over 1,000 Barack Obama for President supporters packed the main room and terrace at San Francisco nightclub Ruby Sky and were treated to what many -- incuding myself -- have said was the best speech they've heard him give.

Senator Obama, introduced by San Francisco District Attorney Kamela Harris -- took the mic and touched on every subject from the investment and employment problems in the inner city, to his heath care plan, where he promised to make sure that every American received coverage by the end of his first term as President.

Personally, he did the best job I've seen since his speech at the fundraiser hosted by Senator Barbara Boxer. Others said that he went "off script" and thus gave a stem-winder of an oratory. Pat DeTemple of East Bay For Obama -- pictured here next to me -- was particularly effusive in his comments when he remarked "This is my man. This is the man I fight for!"

Hummer Winblad VC Doug Hickey Hosts Senator Obama Today

Hummer Winblad Venture Capitalist Doug Hickey is host of another fundraiser for Senator Barack Obama at his Sea Cliff home in San Francisco. More info below:

Evening Reception
The home of
Doug Hickey
In Sea Cliff
San Francisco, CA
Address provided upon RSVP
5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
$2,300 per person

Benefiting Obama for America

Actor Tom Hanks Contributes $4,600 To Barack Obama For President - CNN

Actor Tom Hanks, well known for his roles in movies like "Cast-Away" and "Saving Private Ryan" has donated $4,600 to Senator Barack Obama's run for president, according to CNN's "The Situation Room" today.

Barack Obama Rally - Greenville SC, June 15th

When: Friday June 15, 2007 -- Doors open at 12:30 PM, Program begins at 2:00 PM

Where: McAlister Square, Main Entrance, 225 Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC

How: The event is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. To receive your free ticket, please RSVP using the form below. Free tickets can also be obtained at any of the locations listed below the form. For more information regarding the event, please call 864-232-5531.


Barack Obama MySpace Page At 104,000 Friends - And Climbing

After a much-reported misunderstanding, Senator Barack Obama's MySpace page is regaining friends and currently stands at 104,391.

Barack Obama Gains Ground on Clinton

From | June 11, 2007

By Michael H. Cottman

With one national poll showing Sen. Barack Obama in a statistical dead heat with Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama's campaign coordinated an ambitious field operation over the weekend where scores of Americans across the country walked door-to-door in their communities urging neighbors to rally around Obama's historic candidacy.

According to last week's USA Today/Gallup Poll, the tie between Obama (D-IL) and Clinton (D-NY) marks the first time that Clinton hasn't comfortably led the field of Democratic candidates. Other national polls still show Clinton leading Obama but Obama aides say they are clearly gaining ground.

So on Saturday, calling the movement a "Walk for Change," Obama supporters canvassed communities in all 50 states for a nationwide neighborhood walk, a grassroots effort to recruit volunteers for a long and expensive campaign season.

In what many supporters are calling "Obamamania," Texans for Obama, Vermonters for Obama, Bay Area for Obama, Asians for Obama, and YouTube in Sacramento, were just a few national grass roots groups that participated in the June 9 event.

Obama kicked-off the "Walk for Change" in Dubuque, Iowa and across the state more than 1,000 people door-knocked in their communities. Aides said Kim Mack, a mother of a soldier in Iraq, organized 200 people to door-knock in Sacramento, California, and Ray Padraza, a Navy veteran, one of the founding members of Nevada Hispanics for Obama, supported Obama in his neighborhood.

"Hundreds of folks around the country are expected to participate in what will be a nationwide effort to raise money, recruit volunteers and organize neighborhoods for the campaign," Bill Burton, a spokesman for Obama, told last week.

The date for the initiative marks 219 days from the Iowa Caucus, and supporters were able to sponsor a volunteer by donating $2.19 or $21.90 or sponsor a group of door-knockers by donating $219.00.

Aides to Obama say the "Walk For Change" will continue to generate collective enthusiasm for Obama's candidacy and attract new supporters to his campaign.

"Obama supporters across the country are eager to get out in their communities to talk about why they support this campaign to change America," Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe said in a statement.

"This movement is about the people in small towns and city neighborhoods who are taking the campaign into their own hands by building a team of volunteers and supporters that will help send Barack Obama to the White House," Plouffe said.

Burton said the community-driven initiative is unprecedented, adding the Obama camp is the only campaign to create a grassroots effort of this magnitude.

"As far as I know," Burton said, "we're the only campaign doing something like this."

Black political observers say Obama is politically sophisticated and adept at merging state-of-the-art technology with old-school community outreach to engage a cross-section of Americans, a multi-cultural mix of younger and older voters of all socio-economic backgrounds, those who are seasoned activists and others who are participating in politics for the first time.

"It is a novel approach from someone who is trying to be different, break from the mold and bring new voters to the polls," Peter C. Groff, a Colorado state senator, publisher of and executive director of the Center for African American Policy at the University of Denver, told "This Walk for Change may do just that since it is far more personal than Internet meet-ups or massive rallies."

Groff recalled how four years ago, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean tried to create an entire campaign on the Internet.

"And it seemed to work," Groff said, "until people had to get out from behind the computer and act. Sen. Obama is exercising a great amount of savvy in gauging the depth of support now. The critical key is whether people will leave the computer in the dead of winter to go vote in a primary or attend a caucus."

"Not only could this initiative prevent him from being Deaned," Groff added, "but it will show actual strength across the country and result in new supporters as folks hear from friends and neighbors why they are supporting the guy with the strange name. Essentially, he's found a way to unlock the influence of online constituents."

Aides to Clinton said her campaign is also moving forward with national mass mobilization strategies to recruit volunteers and supporters.

"Hillary Clinton is enjoying widespread support for her candidacy," Jin Chon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, told

"We're ramping up our organizational efforts around the country," Chon said. "We are already using a range of organizing tools, like the Internet, to engage supporters and mobilize them to help elect President Hillary Clinton."

Chon said in the past several months, "hundreds of thousands of people" have signed up at to become part of the campaign. He said the campaign is also using social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook so supporters can recruit their friends and peers to join the campaign.

Craig Kirby, a Democratic political consultant, told that Obama and Clinton's national community initiatives proves the old political adage that "all politics are local."

He said the 1-1/2-year-long campaign season between the Democrats, particularly between Obama and Clinton, will be tantamount "to a heavyweight fight reminiscent of Ali-Frazier."

The Obama campaign left nothing to chance and offered supporters detailed guidelines for the "Walk for Change" -- from what it means to be a neighborhood leader to following a script when knocking on doors talking to neighbors.

"Your goal in the canvass is to make personal connections with other people who might not know as much about Barack Obama," according to the website's instructions. "You are the face of the campaign in your community."

The script:

"Hi, my name is _______________ and I'm a local volunteer with Barack Obama's presidential campaign."

"Today, people all across America are talking with their neighbors about how we can change the direction our country is heading in, especially when it comes to the endless war in Iraq and our healthcare crisis."

Burton told that through a pre-approved script, the campaign hoped its supporters will be informed and knowledgeable -- from veterans to political neophytes.

"We try to be as helpful as possible for folks who are participating," Burton said, "especially those who haven't been part of a campaign before."

But Groff said, for Obama, it's also about political stamina.

"The problem," he said, "will be trying to maintain whatever momentum he may gain that day for eight months, which would take him through the national primary slated for February 5, 2008 and will most likely decide the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party."

Zogby Poll: Senator Obama Beats All Republicans; Senator Clinton Loses To McCain and Giuliani

This is the text from the Zogby website explaining the process and results of the May 23rd poll. It shows Senator Obama's ability to win outright the Presidential race against Republicans, and is even more "winable" for Obama than for Senator Hillary Clinton.

Zogby: Obama Leads All Republicans in General Election Head to Head Contests

Moderates hold the key as match-ups show Giuliani, McCain would defeat Clinton and Edwards

In the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, Barack Obama trails fellow U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton in a national survey of likely Democratic Primary voters, but that same survey shows he would fare better against Republican opponents in General Election match–ups, a new Zogby International telephone poll shows.

Obama would defeat all Republican opponents, including John McCain of Arizona, Rudy Giuliani of New York City, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, and Fred Thompson of Tennessee in prospective presidential contests, the poll shows.

Meanwhile, Clinton would be defeated by both McCain and Giuliani, but would win against Romney and Thompson, the survey shows. Democrat John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina, would also lose to McCain and Giuliani but defeats Romney and Thompson.

The telephone survey, conducted May 17–20, 2007, included 993 respondents and carries a margin of error of +/– 3.2 percentage points.

Overall, Obama would defeat McCain by a 47% to 43% margin, with the remaining 10% not sure. Against McCain, Obama does much better than Clinton among independents and Republicans, the survey shows. He wins 14% of the Republican vote, while just 8% of GOPers would cross the aisle for Clinton. Among independents, Obama wins 42% support against McCain, while Clinton wins 39% support. In both contests, McCain leads the two Democratic rivals among independents.

There is a big swing between the McCain–Obama contest and the McCain–Clinton contest among moderate voters, which in this survey included a partisan make–up of 38% Democrats, 25% Republicans, and 38% independents. In the McCain–Clinton contest, moderates favor McCain by a 49% to 45% edge, but in the McCain–Obama contest, moderates swing to favor Obama by a 49% to 41% margin. In contests against Giuliani, Obama enjoys a similar advantage compared to Clinton among these key swing voters.

Among independents, Giuliani narrowly tops Clinton, 44% to 43%, but Obama holds a huge 56% to 30% edge over Giuliani among those same voters.

Overall, Obama would also defeat Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, by a 52% to 35% margin, and would beat former Tennessee Senator Thompson, 52% to 35% edge.

Pollster John Zogby: “What we are seeing here is a continued resurgence of the moderates and the independents, building on the momentum and the key role they played in last year’s congressional midterm elections. For instance, they play a key role in the races where the Democratic candidates are Obama or Clinton, in that they favor Obama by greater percentages in the match–ups against Republicans. Our polling shows Obama is seen as the most charismatic candidate and is also one of the top choices to reach across the political divide in our country to bring Americans back together. This is a John Kennedy–like combination of characteristics, and moderates and independents appear to be recognizing that.”

Senator Obama Seeks Foreign Policy Advice From Colin Powell

According to Yahoo, Senator Obama has twice met with former US Secretary of State Collin Powell on American Foreign Policy matters. Does this mean that Powell will back Obama? Well, stay tuned.

Senator Obama Fund Raiser At Ruby Sky In San Francisco Tuesday, June 12th - 6:30 PM

Senator Barack Obama's returning to San Francisco for a fund-raiser at Ruby Sky at 420 Mason St. near Union Square starting at 6:30 PM Tuesday, June 12th. To get your tickets, click here: Obama in SF Tuesday, June 12th

The location of Ruby Sky is on this map image:

Walk For Change In Dallas Photos From Buffy Wicks

Buffy Wicks, the Western Regional Field Director for Obama 08, was kind enough to send me these photos from the Dallas Walk For Change. If anyone knows the names of the people in the picts, let me know at . Thanks!

Senator Obama's "Walk For Change" A Success - AP and SF

The Oakland Walk For Change Drew 60 enthusiastic supporters on a sun-drenched Saturday. Here's the AP article:

Obama hits streets in grass-roots effort
Associated Press | June 09, 2007
By Mike Glover

DUBUQUE, Iowa -- Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama hit the streets Saturday in what he said was an unprecedented grass-roots focus as the campaign for the nomination begins to take shape in a handful of states which hold early tests of strength.

"What we are kicking off this weekend is what we are claiming is the biggest grass-roots canvass, this early, in presidential campaign history," said Obama. "We have people canvassing from New York to San Diego, all across the country."

Obama, a first-term senator from neighboring Illinois, joined about 250 volunteers going door-to-door in heavily Catholic Dubuque, part of an intense focus on grass-roots efforts in Iowa, where precinct caucuses traditionally launch the nominating season.

In all, 1,500 backers were spending the weekend banging on doors in 38 cities across the state, including 150 in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids and 250 in Iowa City, all Democratic strongholds where candidates must build campaign organizations to score well in caucuses next winter.

Most polls have shown Obama among the top tier of candidates in Iowa, and around the country, and he was seeking to add some organizational muscle to his strong poll showings.

"In our history, change has always come from the bottom up," said Obama. "In a presidential campaign we've become so accustomed to TV ads and big money and big fundraisers and debates."

Obama said he would take his case directly to the grass roots, in hopes of developing a mandate for change should he succeed in winning the White House. Media-driven campaigns often don't lead to that kind of change.

"The fact is that is not how change happens," said Obama. "You can elect a president who says all the right things, but if the American people aren't energized and mobilized to put pressure and hold our government officials accountable, then the lobbyists and the special interests will intervene, they will block, they will parry and they will prevent the kind of change that is needed."

If he can succeed in lighting a fire at the grass-roots level, Obama said, all that can change.

"The reason we are canvassing today is to make sure that everybody in Dubuque and across the country understands we're in one of those moments where we can really make a difference."

Obama sought to fire up his backers, speaking from the back of a pickup truck before hitting the streets himself for a little door knocking.

"I hope everybody put on their walking shoes," said Obama, "I hope everybody's ready to get some exercise."

Obama spent more than an hour pounding on doors and chatting on porches, an occasionally comic affair as a couple of dozen reporters and photographers, along with a contingent of security forces and campaign staffers disrupted a quiet neighborhood on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Obama pitched his health care plan and heard worries about soaring gas prices - prices he said he couldn't fix quickly - and got a generally positive response.

Obama said his grass-roots effort has convinced him that voters are ready for his message.

"It's a testimony to the degree to which people are so invested in change," said Obama, "They are hungry and they want to turn the page. I can't do it by myself and that's why I'm here today."

Obama has sought to add muscle to his effort with a big staff of field organizers deployed around the state, and aides said he will step up the pace of his campaign visits heading into Iowa's leadoff caucuses.

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