Paul Moment On Why He Supports Senator Obama For President

Senator Barack Obama has a vast number of people supporting him for various reasons. But no one has more articulately expressed my reasons that Paul Moment in his blog. There are just some words that work so well together they make time stand still. In my view this set is one of them...

“Second, Obama looks like America at it’s best. The last thing we need after 8 years of angry white men is more of the same. Obama is a living reminder of how great it can be when people groups mingle and mix to create new strains of culture and knowledge and lifestyle.

His physical presence and personal history would be an amazing tribute in itself to the best of America — inclusion, opportunity, the melting pot, vigor, and an openness to new experience — and would be a living symbol wherever he went of how America’s identity and history is continually being reinvented and remixed in bold new ways.”

New Hampshire Obama Supporters Stage 34 Events On July 4th

Supporters of Barack Obama will be taking part in 33 events in all 10 counties for Independence day.

The list of events can be found here:

Obama's Fourth of July Events

The events range from marches to tablings and a ton of meetups at various places. All of this while Senator Obama stumps in Iowa. And thus the untold story of this campaign: how the online group system causes people to form and work to support the Senator even when he's not there.

In Iowa, Senator Barack Obama Gives Stemwinder Speech, Draws Emormous-For-iowa Crowd - Marc Ambinder

FAIRFIELD, IA -- If Barack Obama, in two appearances earlier in the day, fed hungry Democrats a few morsels of his wisdom, the senator served a seven course meal at day's end.
Obama called Fairfield "ground zero for the politics of hope." The pumped-up crowd whooped and whooped. Fairfield's sheriff told me that the crowd of roughly 1,000 was larger than those he sees when presidents visit.
Veteran Obama watchers told the novitiaties that they were witnessing Obama's full, unabridged, campaign-summarizing stump speech. One reason may have been the presence of C-SPAN cameras; Obama was live. Another might have been the venue: Fairfield really is a cistern of liberalism. And meditation. The town center is ringed with stories that testify to the town's uniqueness. "Revelation" "Somebody Cares." "Healthy Inspirations." Or maybe Obama saved his best performance for last.
In an era when everybody's heard every line of every conceivable stump speech, a good performance can be sublime. Obama came close.
This part of Obama's message really rings home in Fairfield: "What's missing here is not good plans, it's leadership," he says.
That line encapsulates his campaign's argument. In one neat phrase, it attempts to dispatch the questions about Obama's lack of government experience and dismiss the conventional argument that the content of one's plans matters more than the ability to see them into being.
A good performance can also be exhausting; Obama's lucky that the day ends now, that the convoy is rolling to our RON hotel, and he can get a good night's sleep.