Senator Barack Obama's SF Event At Ruby Sky A Success - Over 1,000 Attendees

(Photos by Dana Santa Cruz)

Over 1,000 Barack Obama for President supporters packed the main room and terrace at San Francisco nightclub Ruby Sky and were treated to what many -- incuding myself -- have said was the best speech they've heard him give.

Senator Obama, introduced by San Francisco District Attorney Kamela Harris -- took the mic and touched on every subject from the investment and employment problems in the inner city, to his heath care plan, where he promised to make sure that every American received coverage by the end of his first term as President.

Personally, he did the best job I've seen since his speech at the fundraiser hosted by Senator Barbara Boxer. Others said that he went "off script" and thus gave a stem-winder of an oratory. Pat DeTemple of East Bay For Obama -- pictured here next to me -- was particularly effusive in his comments when he remarked "This is my man. This is the man I fight for!"