How Obama Raised $32 Million - Peter Beinart & Jonah Goldberg Of TNR Online

This information comes from Pasadena Obama supporter Peter Woodruff

The link (may require subscription, sorry if so) is to a fascinating discussion video by two New Republic contributors, one Democratic centralist, the other conservative, of the reasons for Obama's success. I think they get it, more than anyone else in the punditry that I'm aware of, and have some interesting things to say about why the latter are not getting it. They also have something to say about the "where's the beef" issue that is more substantive than the usual blather. So I recommend it highly.

One thing they emphasize is that Obama's big challenge is to turn his donor base into an active movement/campaign organization. This is what we have all been struggling with; it's time to buckle down and redouble our efforts. As David Brooks (another conservative) said on the Lehrer News Hour, only one candidate of either party has the potential to be "transformative", and he's our man. Let us not miss the chance.

Link: The New Republic

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