Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle Backs Senator Barack Obama For President

Obama picks up Wisconsin governor endorsement - Chicago Tribune

Posted at 8:37 PM
by John McCormick - Chicago Tribune

NASHUA, N.H. -- As the Democratic presidential candidates prepare to debate this evening in this first-in-the-nation primary state, Sen. Barack Obama's campaigned announced an endorsement from Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle.

In a statement, Gov. Jim Doyle said he was backing the Democrat from a neighboring state because he believes Obama can build a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and independents to win in November and make changes in Washington.

“Obama listens to competing points of view, but makes strong decisions," Doyle said. "He has campaigned like he will govern, by bringing people together and inspiring average Americans to participate in the political process so that we can take on the special interests and the great challenges we face.”

First elected in 2002, Jim Doyle is serving his second term as Wisconsin's governor.