Senator Barack Obama Leads In YouTube Subscribers By Over Three Times Clinton

According to Viralroots , Senator Barack Obama leads all 2008 Presidential Candidates in YouTube subscribers, towering over Democratic challengers Senator Hillary Clinton and John Edwards and gaining more than Ron Paul by a 2 to 1 margin.

Here's the breakdown:

Barack Obama: 3.4 Million Channel Views and 8500 Subscribers
Ron Paul: 1.2 Million Channel Views and 18,500 Subscribers
Hillary Clinton: 724,000 Channel views and 4400 Subscribers
Mitt Romney: 660,000 Channel views and 2300 Subscribers
John Edwards: 570,000 Channel views and 3200 Subscribers
John McCain: 440,000 Channel views and 1400 Subscribers
Dennis Kucinich: 420,000 Channel views and 2000 Subscribers
Rudy Giuliani: 103,000 Channel views and 1600 Subscribers