Paul Moment On Why He Supports Senator Obama For President

Senator Barack Obama has a vast number of people supporting him for various reasons. But no one has more articulately expressed my reasons that Paul Moment in his blog. There are just some words that work so well together they make time stand still. In my view this set is one of them...

“Second, Obama looks like America at it’s best. The last thing we need after 8 years of angry white men is more of the same. Obama is a living reminder of how great it can be when people groups mingle and mix to create new strains of culture and knowledge and lifestyle.

His physical presence and personal history would be an amazing tribute in itself to the best of America — inclusion, opportunity, the melting pot, vigor, and an openness to new experience — and would be a living symbol wherever he went of how America’s identity and history is continually being reinvented and remixed in bold new ways.”