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Obama wins Dems straw poll

OAKLEY – It won’t help make him the Democratic presidential nominee, but Illinois Sen. Barack Obama came out on top Tuesday night, winning a straw poll of Hamilton County Democratic Party activists.

Nearly 300 local Democrats crowded into the 20th Century Theater on Oakley Square to choose from among a slate of eight Democratic presidential contenders.

When the votes were tallied, Obama won with 102 votes – about 35 percent – over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton (69 votes) and former North Carolina senator John Edwards (64 votes).

Another 50 votes were spread among five other candidates.

“It’s tremendous,” said State Sen. Eric Kearney, an Obama supporter who has hosted a fundraiser for the Illinois senator in Cincinnati.

“It’s exciting.”

The straw poll, of course, won’t mean anything in the end. Ohio’s presidential primary comes next March; and, by that time, most Democrats believe the presidential nomination will be in the bag, given the number of early primary and caucus states that precede Ohio.

But Obama supporters seemed well-organized at Tuesday night’s straw poll vote, with volunteers out on the street in front of the theater, passing out Obama T-shirts and stickers and urging the arriving Democrats to vote.

Edwards’ supporters had some signs plastered to the walls inside the theater lobby, but there seemed to be no organized effort for Clinton.

Obama supporters erupted in cheers when county party chairman Tim Burke announced the results.

“We need to bring the government back to the people and Obama understands that,” said party activist Freeman McNeil, wearing an Obama “Got Hope?” T-shirt.

“That’s what Obama’s campaign is all about – bringing people together – rich, poor, black and white. The message is getting through.”

Ronn Rucker, a gay rights activist from North Bend, said he considered supporting Obama early on, but switched to Clinton and cast his straw poll ballot for her Tuesday night.

“I’ve met her and I know what a kind and caring person she is,” Rucker said. “And she is ready to be president. I’m not sure Obama is.”

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland, had 17 votes in the straw poll, while New Mexico governor Bill Richardson had 16.

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware was next with 13 votes, while Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut had 4. Former Alaska senator Mike Gravel had no votes.


September 13, 2007 at 12:16 AM PRNN said...

Is it just me or does it seem strange that we have 3 presidential candidates who keep getting their faces and sound bytes in the news talking about "change" "new Programs" Laws and accountability. These 3 candidates are SENATORS 2 Democrat 1 republican Members of the senate where laws are WRITTEN not the president's office He/she makes no laws. There should be just a new law that says if your a Congressman and Senator and you think NEW LAWS are what will make you president YOU MUST ALWAYS QUOTE YOUR OWN BILLS. AS an example. Otherwise your a liar, you must be you refuse to use the power we as Americans gave you to PROVE to us what you say is true. Sorry I will never back a senator for president who can't show me in writing that he means what he says. If I must vote on blind faith I will always vote for the other guy who ever that may be. I am sorry you obama bloggers the man just was given a very powerful job in American politics and because there are no scandals doesn’t mean he needs a promotion. If he really wants a promotion in government job for doing nothing he should try the Post Office I hear they have 4 managers for every worker now.

McCain wrote the worst campaign finance laws we saw for the longest time until we got a Democratic congress again then all hope of stopping the buying of our politician went out the window. Hillary, Oh Hillary, You know why her fingerprints were on the “recovered FBI files when she was just the white housewife. She was digging up dirt on her future opponents and finding out what dirt existed on her. If I thought for one second that all that devious cunning plotting and planning would be focus on our nations enemies I would vote for her. Alas her vengeful wrath is best served against anyone who dares speak out against her.

I would say in closing and in hopes this is not deleted. Vote for anyone who doesn’t have a law degree. Remember they are NOT our leaders they are Representatives of OUR power not theirs. Those who abuse our power, refuse to use it when its given to them, or see it as a means to transfer that power to themselves solely should not be placed on a pedestal. A government OF the people by the People for the people means the people must be prepared at all times to be responsible for themselves. Programs and social reconstruction is the constitutional destruction of our basic rights.

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